Building A Strong Financial Structure

While the creative element of an architect’s work can seem very appealing to many considering a career in this field, some may not realize that architects carry significant liability when it comes to ensuring that their design is sound to meet code requirements, fulfill the vision of their clients, and be safe and comfortable for all occupants. Engaging Rutwind Brar, architects can be best assured that they are protecting their own assets as effectively as possible while building their career and reputation in their industry.

Common Services we provide to Architects

In this occupation, Rutwind Brar is commonly tasked with interpretation of contracts, credit management and the release of holdbacks identified in the agreement.

These are all common financial issues for architectural firms who want to ensure that their business needs are addressed throughout the design and build process.

As your visibility in the industry grows, international clientele can further augment your professional portfolio. We can help to ensure that you have addressed all regulations and accounting requirements to conduct business in other countries as you continue to build your brand and credentials. Through a network of peers and colleagues around the globe, we can represent you to ensure that you avoid regulatory non-compliance or any other obstacles that can arise when working outside of Canada.

Staff Retention & Incentive Strategies

Preventing turnover within your business is both a cost efficiency measure as well as a strategy that ensures that your clients will be greeted by a consistent slate of personnel with whom they can build a rapport over time. Creating incentives that encourage employees to stay with your firm and feel rewarded is a service that we can offer to our architecture professionals. These could include deferred compensation plans, RRSP savings, and direct or indirect stock options with the company. Each of these retention strategies are designed to connect your valuable team members to the firm but are subject to forfeiture upon their exit from the company.

Project Budgeting and Monitoring

Client needs are often very similar – they want a top quality product at the end of the project, but they want to ensure that the pencil has been kept sharp throughout to maintain expenses at a minimum level.  We can help you to identify solutions that monitor and manage project costs, employee time and the efficiency of tasks being performed by your team.

At Rutwind Brar, we can advise on the best software solutions to implement and how best to leverage them to demonstrate transparency and accountability through every element of your projects. If you’re already paying for a system, it makes sense that you glean every advantage from that business solution.

Rutwind Brar has been a great resource to me personally and professionally over the last 15 years. Mr. Brar's expertise and up to date knowledge has assisted in the controlled growth of my company brand.

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