Non Profit Accounting In Edmonton

Very often, the development of non-profit organizations stems from a community interest to get behind a specific project or cause, often driven by a team of local volunteers who believe in the goal. However, as volunteers, the individuals with the greatest passion for seeing the project through to fruition often lack the knowledge of the operational structure of the organization which will ensure that all reporting requirements are fulfilled annually.

Because these entities are not driven by profit, often the tax issues are not a pressing consideration for the people that are tasked with successfully delivering initiatives that achieve the short and long term objectives of the non-profit organization. Regardless of the structure, Rutwind Brar can ensure regulatory and reporting compliance with Provincial and Federal statutes in coordination with your Board.

Rutwind Brar can advise you on the best structure for filing annual returns as well as annual reports for funders and other stakeholders whose recurring support is critical to the ongoing operation of your organization.  We can assist to demonstrate that prudent and diligent stewardship of all monies that have been entrusted to the Board are being managed in accordance with your mandate and in a manner  which inspires ongoing support from your funding agencies and donors.

Depending on the stakeholder, reports often require to be customized and adapted to best illustrate the value for money spent.  In the case of long-term goals, the annual benchmarks that contribute to that final destination may be very subjective in nature, which is often hard to communicate in a traditional financial report.  Rutwind Brar has the experience and creativity in this area and can help you to maintain the confidence of your stakeholders through our third party reporting of your activities.

Rutwind Brar has provided their accounting services to our organization. Having had the opportunity to be affiliated with Sukhi during this period of time, I can personally vouch for him as being an extraordinary accountant. I can attest to Sukhi and Rutwind Brar’s outstanding customer service, meticulous attention to detail and excellent quality of work. I would highly recommend Sukhi and Rutwind Brar to both my colleagues and close friends.


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