Running a business is a big responsibility that keeps entrepreneurs on their toes. Whether it’s a new business or an existing one, planning is one factor that is essential at every step to make a business successful. Business owners often have multiple questions regarding business finance, business expansion, etc., which make business planning difficult for them. To bridge this gap, Rutwind Brar Professional Accountants provides a comprehensive business plan consulting service.

Business planning is a process that requires entrepreneurs to strategize on the multiple factors that will help in achieving your business objectives. These factors include:

1. Business Development

2. Operations Planning

3. Management Planning

4. Financial Planning

At Rutwind Brar, we take each of these factors into account and accordingly consult business professionals to create the right business plan for them.

Types of Business Plans We Provide:

1. Business Plans for Start-ups

We provide end-to-end business planning to new entrepreneurs. This will include business set up consultation, financial consultation and management consultation.

2. Business Plans for Expansion

If you wish to expand your business, we create business plans based on your existing business strategies and help you to expand your business. We take into account different factors such as new market trends, competition, capital requirements, etc. when creating your expansion plan.

3. Business Plans for Changing Business

Not every first decision is the right decision. There are businesses that plan to change their product or service in order to gain more profits. For such businesses, we provide consulting on how they can start afresh with new products or services and earn more profits.

4. Business Plans for Operations

We provide guidance to entrepreneurs based on their operations and operational costs to minimize the expenditure. This planning includes identification of operational costs and bifurcation of overhead costs and other expenses.

5. Business Plans for Financial Forecasting

Reducing expenses and earning more profits is the aim of every business. For this purpose, you need to plan and forecast your revenues and expenses. In this planning, we analyze your current financial statements to provide future forecasting and financial goals.


The Benefits of Business Planning:

  • Our business planning experts understand each business type and provide customized business plans.
  • You get a complete perspective of how your business will function with a plan in your hand. This reduces business uncertainties.
  • For existing businesses, business planning can help in redirecting the investments to increase profits.
  • With a business plan, you are able to manage your finances and investments better.
  • Based on your business plan, you can align your daily objectives to reach the business goals.

Running a well-planned business by taking calculated steps will make your business successful. So if you want to make your business a success, let us make a business plan for you!


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