Tax filing season is stressful for any entrepreneur. Compiling all the receipts and accounting for every transaction made by the business can be a taxing process. Therefore, every business plans to hire an accountant to take care of their tax filing process. A smart accountant will ensure that your tax filing process is complete without any discrepancy. However, no accountant can foresee the future. Often the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reaches back to the entrepreneurs for more information about their taxable transactions. For such situations, an audit insurance is what every business owner needs.

Our audit insurance service will allow a business owner to pay in advance, a fee that will cover services related to tax filings such as CRA tax audits and Professional Sales Tax (PST) filing. The benefit of opting for this insurance is that you are safeguarded from paying your accountant a consulting fee, every time a sudden audit request comes from the CRA.

The Audit Insurance includes:


  1. Coverage for substantial tax filing costs.
  2. Coverage for Employee Compliance Audits.
  3. Coverage for corporate and personal tax filings.
  4. Coverage for HST and GST filings.
  5. Coverage for business audits.
  6. Coverage for any future queries raised by CRA.

The Benefits of Having Audit Insurance for Your business:

  • Your business is covered from all upcoming audit-related costs.
  • Opting for audit insurance will minimize tax auditing fee-related conflicts between you and your accountant.
  • You save money by opting for a solution that covers all audit related consulting fees.
  • You are prepared to face any problems that arise in your tax filing process.
  • An audit insurance also covers the audits of previously filed returns.

Insurance is something that every business needs to cover crucial risks that affect your business operations and finances. So reduce your tax filing stress by opting for an audit insurance from Rutwind Brar Professional Accountants.


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