Quality Accounting Services For Edmonton Dentists

The face of dentistry is changing.  With an increased focus on not just dental health, but also the aesthetics of looking good and feeling confident the dental industry is becoming an increasingly competitive and more specialized in scope than at any time in the history of the industry.

At Rutwind Brar, we understand the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry and are pleased to offer services to professionals in this field to create strategic and competitive advantages.
Our expertise with this industry isn’t limited to assistance with mergers and acquisitions of dental practices or the addition of a new associate to a practice.  We offer a comprehensive slate of services which include:


When you need to assess the value of your practice for any need during the life of your business, we can expertly assist in this area, being fully educated in the standard for practice valuation and the individual criteria that influence the value of your business.


Whether you are looking at establishing, purchasing or expanding a practice, Rutwind Brar can help you to secure the best rates on business financing through our relationships in the finance industry.  Our scope also assists with the operational cash flow of your business to ensure that both the current needs and long term financial goals for the business are being addressed.

Legal Agreements and Contracts

We can help you proceed with your mind at ease that the format and language of all legal documents related to your business addresses your personal and professional liability and protects your investment in business. This may apply to articles of incorporation or any document which may be required in the course of conducting business.

Consultation for Daily Operations

We understand business and can help you to find efficiencies that will save you more on both personnel and office costs including property and equipment leases, payroll regulations and expenses and staff retention strategies. Is there a specific operational area in your practice that could benefit from some added expertise? We can assist with the business functions that allow you to focus your attention on patient care.

I have used Rutwind Brar accounting firm for my personal and business accounting over the past 15 years. They are not only good professional people , but are also very knowledgable and reliable. During this period I have been fortunate enough to have Rutwind Brar looking after my accounts. They have been phenomenal. Rutwind Brar's guidance has helped me grow both personally and professionally. I am looking forward to using their services for many more years to come .

Dr. Jassi Parmar, Dentist


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